Who was Freeman Nickerson?

Long forgotten details of Freeman Nickerson's life, ancestry and posterity have been rekindled in the publication of A Ripple in the Pond by his three generation great granddaughter, Maxine Rasmussen.

After years of research, Maxine has constructed the story of a man whose restless desire to improve his situation led his family from his birthplace on Cape Cod to the unbroken forests of Vermont. Continuing west, he served in the war of 1812, lost his home and possessions to fire, helped build the Erie Canal and established his family once again in a large estate in Perrysburg, New York.

Just as the family began to prosper, Nickerson and his wife, Huldah, were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Traveling to the church headquarers in Kirtland, Ohio, Freeman persuaded the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith to accompany him on a mission to Canada. After selling his home, Freeman joined the saints and joined the march of Zion's camp in Missouri, became a zealous missionary and followed the saints to Nauvoo, Illinois. His life would end as a Mormon pioneer in Iowa, continuing to follow the vision of his faith.

A Ripple in the Pond symbolizes the perpetual legacy of one man upon his contemporaries and his posterity.

All proceeds will be used by the Freeman Nickerson Famly Organization to build a commemorative plaque to Freeman's memory, marking his final resting place in Chariton, Iowa.

Our apologies, but A Ripple in the Pond is currently out of print and no copies are available for purchase.


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